Custom Gobos

Custom gobos

It is very simple to buy gobos online.  First, you need to find the right type of gobo according to the number of colors, then upload the file of the artwork to be reproduced and select the projector model on which the gobo will be placed. A gobo preview can be supplied, under request. Going on with the purchase process, it will be possible to choose production time (standard or express), delivery and payment method.

Gobo types

Gobos can be produced in special glass (dichroic filter) for high temperatures or in metal. Metal gobos are used for the reproduction of very simple images or texts in black and white. Glass gobos, instead, allow the creation of any type of images, even photographic ones.

The cost of each gobo depends on the number of colors, so first of all it is necessary to know if you need a black and white gobo, a grayscale gobo, or a color gobo. In the latter case you may choose between one, two, three and full colors.

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