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What are cookies

This website uses cookies to offer users a better browsing experience. Cookies are small text files that websites send to user terminals, where they are stored before being transmitted back to the same sites at subsequent visits; they are used to make the website more effective and allow the activation of certain features.

You can control the use of cookies by configuring the websites in the browser privacy settings (see. Below). However, if you disable cookies completely , the website may not function properly.

Cookies used

The type of cookies used by our website is exemplified below. These are cookies for which according to the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) the consent of the user / interested party is not required. In fact, the use of cookies for the purpose of profiling the web user and marketing is excluded .

-           The essential cookies (strictly necessary).

The essential cookies are those data aimed solely at the transmission of a communication on the electronic network ("strictly" means that transmission should not be possible without the cookie) and those connected to a service expressly requested by the visitor.

Cookies of the first type are those that uniquely identify the point of arrival of the transmission, preventing the information from going to someone else, or those that verify problems or transmission errors.

Cookies of the second type (i.e. connected to a service expressly requested by the visitor) are those used by shopping cart in e-commerce sites, which allow you to remember the products placed in the cart and maintain access to the protected area. Other cookies in this category are those that maintain the data for login following the user's choice, or those that allow secure authentication, and so on.

Cookies are active only for the time needed to route the transmission or provide the requested service and are not used for other purposes than the requested services.

-           Performance cookies and functionality cookies.

The first ones collect information on the use of the site by visitors, but anonymous data that therefore do not lead to a profiling , nor to a treatment of personal data, are used only for analyzing statistically accesses / visits to the site (so-called "Analytics" cookies) and only pursue statistical purposes.

The latter ones remember the user's choices and then automate some procedures (such as login), or customize the access and navigation of the site (for example, remember the user's language).

Even for these cookies, user’s consent is not required.

-           Third-party cookies - Google Analytics

The website uses third-party tracking cookies. In particular, the website uses the Google Analytics service, Google Inc.  analysis tool, that allows the site to obtain anonymous and aggregate statistics, used for optimizing the sites and services offered. Google  is committed to use cookies only for the provision of the service, as well as to keep them separately and not cross them with information you might have. Our site uses a technical tool, suggested by the third party, to get the address masking IP and to allow anonymisation of all user IP addresses. Masking or anonymisation of the IP address happens as soon as the data is received by Google Analytics collection network, before any storage or processing is carried out to generate statistics on the use of the website. Google Analytics anonymize the address as soon as it is technically possible in the upstream passage of the network where data is collected. The user can check the information at the following link

The analytical / tracking cookies can be disabled without any consequence on the Site Navigation: to disable them, see the next section "How to disable cookies".

How to disable cookies

The user can oppose the registration of cookies on their device by configuring the browser used for navigation: by using the Website without changing the browser settings, the user agrees to receive all the cookies used by the Website and to use all the features.

You can refuse consent to the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate setting on your browser: the unauthenticated navigation on the site will still be available in all its features.

The links provided below explain how to disable cookies for the most common browsers (for other browsers, if any, we suggest looking for this option in the software help).

Internet Explorer :

Google Chrome :

Mozilla Firefox : US & redirectslug = Cookies

Opera :

Apple Safari :


How to disable third-party cookies

The deactivation of third-party cookies is also possible directly through the third-party company’s website.

To disable Google Analytics cookies, you can use opt-out  add-on component  provided by Google for the main browsers. This way it will be possible to use online services of the website. To learn about Google privacy policies, please visit the website


Further information, concerning the data controller, is available in the general privacy notice pursuant to art. 13 of the GDPR 2016/679.

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