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Costanera Center illuminated by Goboservices gobos

Icardi is a Chilean company specialized in the production of promotional events. With more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and InfoTainment sector, develops high-level advertising activities for big international customers.

In Spring, Icardi accepted an important project. The launch of the “Jumbo On Fire” campaign for the supermarket  in Costanera Center, the largest business and commercial complex in Santiago,Chile that includes a eight-floor shopping mall with restaurants, stores, cinemas and convention halls. The main tower, with its sixty-two floors, is the tallest building in South America and was the backdrop of the campaign count-down.

In order to illuminate the enourmous building, taller than 300 meters, Icardi used lighting fixtures by Clay Paky, leading company in the professional lighting sector, that with its Mythos could easily cover the big distance. Mythos is a hybrid projector, with its 400W short arc lamp generates an extraordinary concentrated light beam clearly visible even at great distances. But to bear the huge light power produced, special gobos were needed, Gobos which only Goboservice could quickly supply.

These glass gobos are manufactured with a special material resistant to the critical temperature conditions and UV radiation generated by Mythos. They are covered by an innovative “coating” developed ad hoc by Goboservice R&D with Clay Paky cooperation. This coating were laser-etched  to reproduce the artworks provided by the South American customer. Goboservice is one of the world's top expert in gobos laser-ecthing.
An important step of the graphics processing managed by Goboservice has been keystoning, the correction of the distortive effect of the image due to inclined projections.  According to the data supplied by the customer, who filled in an appropiate form, reprocessed by an internal software the images were modified to eliminate the trapezoidal effect of the projection.  
The result was the spectacular green count-down visible from miles away which attracted and interested Santiago citizens with the slogan: “No te lo pierdas, ofertas!