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Goboservice's team graphics

What exactly is behind a gobo or a dynamic effect? One of Goboservice’s strengths is a team of graphic designers who take care to carefully transform every single idea into a brilliant project. In an operating sector with high technological and standardized content, such as that of image processing, the human component is the factor which makes the difference.

An immense amount of experience gained over time, subjective intuition, critical evaluation of solutions and attention to details are the "tools of the trade" that help individual operators to achieve the results customers expect. And it’s also the rigorous quality control that makes Goboservice a brand appreciated in the national market and abroad.

Cristina Delmare is the veteran of the group of five graphic designers called upon to elaborate an average of six hundred gobos a month with different priorities according to urgency, target markets, the complexity of the image to be generated, and also the context in which the architectural projection will be shown, be it a black and white gobo for a shopping centre, or a full colour image for an artistic composition.

"We receive high resolution images and we must make sure the colours on the gobos are the same as on the original artwork.” explains Cristina. “There is a special image processing technique, which is so different from what graphicians normally use. We start with numerical data and the unit measures for the realization of the final product. Illustrator, Photoshop and Casmate are our guides".

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All you need is love

Eleven new “Valentine's Day" theme gobos enrich the new section of the Goboservice store (https://store.goboservice.com/it/gobos/gobos-standard/san-valentino.html) with catalogue logos, styles, symbols and slogans created especially for lovers’ day. The collection will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Gobo 2 colors St. Valentine

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Divum debuted in a fairytale park.

The first batch of new Divum projectors has passed the cold test..…with flying colours! The Lithuanian agency Baltas Daznis put their trust in Goboservice to create a highly evocative scenario in collaboration with the Creative Dock agency, and they weren’t disappointed.

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Goboservice on Instagram. Always more social

From Trentino and Lombardy through central Italy and stretching as far as Sicily and Puglia, the year which is about to end sees a huge presence of Goboservice’s architectural projections on Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, especially amongst youngsters. 

proiezioni a Riva del Garda

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Divum: innovative, powerful and user-frendly

The Christmas holidays are approaching and Goboservice steps into the world of powerful LED projectors with their unique and innovative gobo projector DIVUM. It is a tool designed to meet the needs of installers and stage lighting production companies by ensuring very high luminous performance in line with our highest business standards.

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Goboservice plays basketball with #Ntc Sport

Three days of sport in the shadow of the majestic Aragonese castle of Reggio Calabria. The summer tournament organized by #Ntc Sport Industries attracted hundreds of young basketball players who competed against each other in one of the most beautiful city squares in the  south of Italy in the "three against three" direct match. "An event - as the organizer Luca Laganà declared - is not just about basketball, but about aggregation and celebration". The event, organized in collaboration with the municipal administration, FIP, FISB (Free Italian StreetBall) and CONI, was one of the 16 most important tournaments in Italy, both at the men's and women's level. The "Gold" and "Pink" stamps certified that they belong to a very restricted circle of competitions that guarantee their winners direct access to the Finals Italia in Riccione, Emilia Romagna.

And Goboservice? While boys and girls challenged themselves with dunks and three-point shots, five full colour gobos generated by a powerful gobo projector Golux 1000 with zoom-effect alternated a large scale projection on the walls of the medieval castle. The logos of our company, the municipal administration, the sponsor and the organizers followed one another in front of the curious eyes of the participants, helping to fuel the festive atmosphere in the square. The “light messages” resulted in delivering promotional, decorative, informational and identity impact and helped to engrave the event on memory followed by broadcasts made through social channels.

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Summer events and wedding parties enriched by light

It is curious to see how the various requests for gobos mark the change of seasons. Scrolling through the orders which arrive at info@goboservice.com, we notice some of the big and small summer events, and the approach of autumn.

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The Perseid meteor shower is passing over the clear sky of Italy and the rest of Europe. The new moon amplifies the magic of the most stellar night of the year, lit by bonfires on the beaches and shooting stars in the sky. In Italy, La Notte di San Lorenzo was once celebrated on August 10, but has now moved to August public holiday at the very peak of summer.

For humans everywhere, shooting stars have always had a connection with religious or superstitious rites: from pagan and biblical prophecies to romantic desires expressed by the Peynet Lovers. For those of us who work in the field of architectural projections, the meteor showers streaking across the summer sky take on an even more intense value, reflected inthe requests that come to Goboservice’s email address at this time of year.

Indeed it is because of this that we dedicate a section of our online store to a specific topic "sky and stars"(https://store.goboservice.com/en/standard-gobos/sky-and-stars.html) with a great range of astral images in black and white and full colour which can recreate a reflection of the natural beauty illuminating the night sky during the organized events.

It is our Midsummer Night’s Dream to find an outdoor space with an unobstructed view in order to take in the beauty of this night, before returning to work with more enthusiasm and creativity than ever!

Have a wonderful summer!

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The light at the service of promotion

The majestic remains of an ancient Benedictine abbey after an important conservative restoration came back to life with a new communicative function. The Sant'Eusatchio Abbey, the archaeological complex in Nervesa della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso (in the north of Italy), became a magical setting for highly effective promotional events.

Momon, the Treviso company which specializes in the production of prams and accessories, was supported by Ideeuropee who realized the artistic part in launching the new collection for 2019. If Ideeuropee's slogan was to "give shape to emotions" Goboservice has contributed to the event by giving ... "light to shapes" through professional hosting of the company “DJs for Party”.

A gobo engraved in Goboservice’s  workshops projected a Momon logo with a Claypaky VIP 300 projector on the remains of the monastery. The image details were accurately reproduced on the arch, almost as if they had been painted. Only light projections create that subtle bridge between past and present, the bridge that respects time itself and a client’s wish without damaging fragile walls of the religious artifact. Furthermore, the standardization of our gobos constitutes an additional element of guarantee of the projected message. The glass or metal stencils are suitable for any type of projector or moving head. And so, while beautiful models presented the strollers and the fascinating violinist Anna Nash performed, the brand Momon stood out clearly on the remains of the abbey, first in the beautiful colours of the sunset and then in the darkness of the night effectively impressed in memory of the guests of the party.


PHOTO: Francesco Esci

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Touareg Presentation

The presentation of the new Volkswagen Touareg took place in collaboration with the dealership Rubeca Motori in the enchanting Tuscan atmosphere of Montepulciano,  In the premises of Icario Winery, in the presence of a selected audience and enthusiasts, the Grandi Proiezioni lit up the exhibition of the German flagship, making the unforgettable logo shine bright on the background. An architectural projection was made with help of Goboservice products – glass gobo and gobo projectors, to impress a signature of light on the stone. The high technological content of the car, now in its third generation, could not be celebrated with any less dignity. The gobo used with the Golux 600 projector has summarized the idea of ​​solidity enclosed in the logo.

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On Friday, July 13, the past and the future met in an embrace of light on the rampart of the Rocca di Vignola, a Modena fortification of 1200s. The original decorations and colours of the towers and bastions of the military artifact, owned by the Contrari family for a long time, are brought back to life: not for the lordship to be as mighty as it once was, this time it’s for the colour culture. The Fondazione di Vignola along with the visual design studio Apparati Effimeri presented the "SOGNO O SON DESTE", a cultural project implemented in collaboration with the Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, Carife (Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara) and BPER Bank funds. The task seems quite ambitious: to create a very original proposal that would promote the most important artistic treasures of Emilia-Romagna.

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Fifa World Cup Gobo

Today the group stage of the World Cup has come to an end. Could we ever miss the most important media event of the year? We, the company,  who even have a special section "Symbols & Sport" on our online store?

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