Gobos originated in the theatre or early film industry, with the name gobo coming from either "Graphical Optical BlackOut" or "GOes Before Optics”.  A gobo is a small, heat-resistant stencil made of metal or glass, which is placed in a stage projector, follow light, moving head, scanner or extremely powerful high-performance projector to create projections of pictures, text, photos, logos or artistic lighting scenes or to support marketing tools visually by means of light and shadow. Using these high-precision and heat-resistant projection stencils (gobos), sharp, bright and, above all, captivating projections can be realized in conjunction with the right fixture, tailored for the respective application. GOBOSERVICE has earned a flawless reputation, thanks to more than a decade of experience in high-end gobo production, with a dedicated commitment to providing quality products and ensuring a very high level of customer satisfaction. We support you with our standard and/or individual gobo production specifically in the visual implementation of diverse, exciting and eye-catching projections aimed at making your projects a success.

Standard Gobos

GOBOSERVICE has a comprehensive online catalogue with over a thousand unique design templates that could be a great and cost-effective solution for any kind of occasion. On our well-structured homepage you can easily find your desired catalogue gobo by searching through the various categories, such as Architecture, Abstract Shapes, Sky & Stars, Holidays (such as Christmas, St.Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.), Marriage&Wedding, Nature, Symbols & Sports, etc. It’s important to mention that some of our standard gobos (for instance, in the “Marriage&Wedding" section) can be customized. Use the category filter in the menu on the left to narrow your search for a suitable image. This saves time and helps you to find a searched motif more easily. You can then add this to a wish list, compare it with other selected designs or add it directly to the shopping cart to trigger a corresponding order.

Custom Gobos

In addition to the production of your personalized gobos, based on artwork provided, we can also create your own bespoke gobo design. Our experience in the field of conceptual design and professional production template makes it possible to realize even the most discerning requests. You brief us and send us your sketches, and we develop individual proposals before producing it for you. And if it is only the crisp vectorisation of a template that needs to be revised, then we have the cheapest and most optimal way of doing that for you. And, even if it's urgent, our well-equipped team of professionals will be able to come up with proposals for your individual/customer-specific productions on the same day that you make your inquiry or order.



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